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      • [Announcement] Modification of Kalonline Customer Service policy
      • 11-22-2018
      • Hi this Kalonline.
        At this moment, Kalonline is providing Web 1:1 and telephone CS support for solving any game problems.
        However, telephone CS cannot authenticate a customer is an account holder of account. Therefore, all other players CS often receive answers in delay. In addition, even a player informed questions or problems of game, a player should write a Web CS again for detail information and receive answers by web CS in our policy because we have to record all players requests and answers in our system.

        Kalonline GM team would like to increase satisfaction of customer service with faster process of CS. Kalonline GM team decided to close telephone CS support on Nov. 26th 2018 and all CS will be received by Web CS only.

        Web CS path is in below.
        Path : C/S CENTER >> 1 on 1 C/S

        Kalonline GM team promise that answers would be faster than before and we list of subjects for approximate answer period.
        In below standard, Kalonline team will be answered for all CS.

        Subject / Limited period (Based on Working day)
        Request to check block reason / Less than 2 days
        Report to bug fix / Less than 4 days
        Report disturbing plays (Insult, illegal activities) / Less than 3 days
        Report charging error / Less than 3 days
        Report a problem of game login problem / Less than 2 days
        Report lag and ingame server issue / Less than 2 days
        Report stolen account / Less than 4 days
        Request a detail block reason if a player detected an abusing bug or system. / Less than 5 days
        Request a detail block reason if a player related with account stolen / Less than 7 days
        Recover EXP (occurred by bug) / Less than 3 days
        Recover items (occurred by bug) / Less than 4 days
        General request / Less than 1 day

        After applying this CS policy modification, Kalonline GM team promise once more about faster and clear service. We will try our best for making more comfort_ble environment.

        Notice. Due to time zone and holidays between players and C/S center location. CS response limit period can be extended 1 to 2 days more.

        Thank you

        Kalonline Team