• Production System
    Production System Making
    - Artisan Doggebi proceeds the processing.
    - Items are made by mixing materials
    Available Items
    Making of Armor
    - You can make golden, blood dragon and heavenly armor set.
    Making of Weapon
    - You can make golden, blood dragon and heavenly weapon.
    - You can upgrade those items you made to Imperial.
    Name Image Role Note
    -Processing minerals into materials
    -Making weapons and armors with materials
    -Assigning a daily quest
    -Located next to Mine Keeper
    Artisan Doggebi NPC
    - You can make items by mixing materials.
    Artisan Doggebi
    Making Items UI
    Making items

    No Name Explanation Note
    1 Kind of Item You can select the kind of item you want to make.
    There are weapon and armors, and others can be added
    2 Available Item List You can see the available item list  
    3 Option Select window for option of items
    You can choose more details here and decide manufacture grade for now.
    4 Necessary materials It shows which materials are necessary to make your item.
    It is marked in red if you don’t have enough materials.
    5 Required Zamogeons Some Zamogeons are required for mixing items
    The costs depend on the item grade you want.
    6 Item information You can see the information of item to make.  
    7 Start If you meet the all conditions for making items,
    start button is activated.
    8 Reset All information of item is removed.  
    9 Finish Pop-up page for making items is closed.