• Game System
    Honor System
    Wandering honor merchant
    - Wandering honor merchant is selling different honor items then current honor item.
    - Wandering honor merchant NPC locations
    - Narootuh village: Near Specialist of King’s Troop (NPC)
      Temporary fort of Geum-ohee Castle : Near Status of Black Crow
      City of Priest : Near Status of Black Crow
      Temporary fort of Hondel : Near Potion Mixer(NPC)
      Resting place of a Dead person Base : Near Food Merchant(NPC)
    - Wandering honor merchant’s selling honor item list can be increased at later time.
    Item List
    Image Item Name Details Price (honor reward point)
    Honor Potion Recover +1,000 HP 200 points (1EA)
    Old Soul pocket Max amount 5,000 EA 200,000 points (Buy Soul pocket)
    5,000points (Charge every 100 amounts)
    Soul Pocket System
    - You can buy Soul packet from Wandering honor merchant then charging amounts at later.
    - Soul Pocket will be located in designated slot at inventory.
    - Soul Pocket charge can be possible with reward honor points or jewels.
    - If use a soul pocket, normal and skill damages will be effected 50% more.
    Soul Pocket usage information and warning notice
    - Soul Pockets will be deducted as much as attacked monster numbers or enemies.
    - If a skill attacked continuously, Soul pocket will be deducted amount as number of attack counts.
    - Debuff skill will be deducted 1 soul pocket when it successfully attack to others.
    * Like Poison or curse skills, which gives a damage continuously, a soul pocket does not apply.
    Method of Soul pocket equipped and charging amounts.
    - Equipped a purchased Soul pocket at inventory.
    - After equipped a soul pocket, it will apply immediately.
    - Charging a soul pocket amount will be like below screenshots.